Wedding Planning Wednesday - A Touch of Bliss


Wedding Planning Wednesday was created to provide couples with the assistance and direction they need to put together their big day. The minute you’re engaged everyone is going to be asking you what your date is and where you’re getting married.

That means it’s time to start wedding planning!

Wedding Planning Wednesday allows you to get started on the right foot with the experts who can help you throughout the process. We know the holidays are a busy time, which is why Wedding Planning Wednesday takes place the first two Wednesdays of the new year.

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Prices for wedding planning range from $500 for venue search to $1,550 for day of coordination to $5,500+ for full service planning.

Do you know where to start with your planning?

•    Finalize your guests list and determine your budget first. The rest of your researching and pinning isn't going to be helpful until you come to a consensus on these two pieces with your fiancé and family.

What else should you do first?

•    Create a list of 3 must haves and 3 won't haves for your wedding day. Limit your list to only 3 and create your list separately from your fiancé's before sharing your ideas with each other.

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