Where to Purchase your Bridesmaid Dresses

It can be tough to find the perfect bridesmaid dress to fit your wedding style and also the style of your bridesmaids.
Read through our tips below on selecting dresses and click the pictures to visit our favorite sites!

  1. Consider the style of your gown and the formality of your wedding. You want all of your wedding party attire to match the style of your wedding. 
  2. Select a neutral color that matches your wedding colors. Navy, blush, and grey are the most common bridesmaid dress colors and ones that each of your girls would be able to wear again.
  3. Start shopping early! It can often take 6-12 weeks for your dresses to arrive at your doorstep, especially if you utilize a site like Azazie, where you input each person's exact measurements.
  4. Be mindful of prices. You may find the most perfect dress for your wedding but know it's too expensive for your bridesmaids. Just like bridal gown shopping, don't even try it on if it's not in your budget!
  5. Lastly, talk with your girls! Ask them what they would love to wear, and more importantly, what they would hate to wear.

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For the Guys: Say Yes to the Suit

When it comes to wedding planning, something we often see overlooked until late in the game is the groom’s suit or tux. We always talk about the bride and her gown, but what the groom is wearing really is just as important.

So should you rent or buy? There are benefits to renting a suit--it’s less expensive to rent than to own, and you also don’t have to worry about the upkeep of the suit since you return it after your wedding. And if the last time you wore a suit before your big day was at your prom, then you definitely don’t have to feel guilty about purchasing one just to leave it hanging in the back of your closet for years.

Purchasing your own suit for your wedding, on the other hand, will guarantee that it’s a perfect fit. We’re huge advocates for both the bride AND groom feeling confident on their wedding day, and a well-fitted suit really can make the man! If you wear suits in your everyday life, (maybe you attend multiple formal events a year, or your work just has a strict dress code), you know you’ll get mileage out of at least some pieces of your suit.

So if you’ve decided on buying one, what about getting it custom made? We recently sat down with Alvin Cooper III from C Styled and learned just how awesome it is to have a suit that’s been created from scratch just for you. From the fabric type to the color of the thread in the buttons, every last detail can be designed by you to match your style or theme of your wedding. Not only do you distinguish yourself from your groomsmen with more than just a different boutonniere, but custom made suits allow you to wear something that’s completely you. You’ll have your own unique ensemble to perfectly complement your bride’s.

When should you make this decision? We recommend getting your suit/tux when your bride finds her dress. That way there will be plenty of time to put it together and make any necessary alterations.

Want your groomsmen to look great too? Consider giving them each a custom made shirt or jacket with their initials sewn in as a gift!


Can you tell who bought their suit and had it altered?

Can you tell who bought their suit and had it altered?

Photos courtesy of C Styled.

Four 2017 Wedding Trends We're So Excited For

1.       La Isla color scheme

As much as we loved blushes, golds, and neutrals, we’re dying to see our weddings exploding with tropical colors inspired by Cuba. Get ready for bright oranges and yellows, deep purples and reds, vivid blues and greens, and everything Havana-inspired in between. We can see these fun colors popping up in bridesmaids dresses, bouquets, table décor, and even in meals.


2.       When it comes to wedding dresses, skin is in

We’re talking crop tops, plunging necklines, and off-the shoulder sleeves. For the especially unconventional bride, high-low dresses and cut-outs will be making waves. It’ll be easy to stay classy by sticking with the designs seen this year at bridal fashion week!


3.       Hello unique bouquets

As much as we love them, next year we expect to see less floral touches in bouquets, and more…everything else. From paper to fruit to greenery, nontraditional items in bouquets are a great way to make a modern statement on your big day.


4.       Eat and be entertained

While food stations remain a popular way to serve dinner, we’re envisioning even more interactive, chef-attended dinner stations. Your guests can mingle while they watch their oysters shucked at your seafood bar, their salmon pan seared live for the main course, and their crème brulee torched to their liking at the mini-dessert buffet.


Wedding Guest Style Guide

After taking time off of work to travel, finding a date, and picking out a gift, the last thing you should be worrying about when going to a wedding is what you’re going to wear. The invitation says, “Colorado Casual,” but what does that even mean? The Black Tux recently released a helpful guide for every wedding situation.

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